What is strength training?

strength training

What is strength training?

Strength training can also be known as resistance training, it’s a type of physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance, in the form of assorted resistive loads i.e. training modalities to induce muscular contraction intended to promote health by building strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles for sport specific performance. (Definition from Wikipedia)

In simple words, using muscular force against resistance can be referred as strength training.

The resistance can be forced by anything that has a heavy mass, it could be one’s own body weight or a type of machine like lifters or pulleys from the gym.

The Most Important Types of Strength Training to Get You Started

barbell row

Your body is made up of muscles that help you push and pull, so you have to work on each and every muscle in order to maximize their strength.

In order to achieve this, choose the whole-body push exercise which requires the engagement of all the muscles in your body to perform, The Squat. Squats will help strengthen your entire body, your bones as well as your muscles, especially your knees, it helps you lose weight and it increases flexibility.

Similarly, an exercise which demands a whole-body “push-pull” is The Deadlift where in both your core and lower body muscle training is complete. Deadlift is a basic human movement, and it tests one’s grip strength because if you can’t hold on properly you won’t be able to lift.

In order to strengthen the muscles of your upper body, I would personally recommend, The Barbell Row and Bench Press. Barbell Rows are a full body, complex exercise.

They work on your lower back, upper back, arms, and hips of the body. They build a stronger, muscular back and larger biceps.

The bench press is the king of upper body exercises because many young lifters prefer this type of strength training in the beginning, as it helps to tone the pecs, shoulders, and the triceps.

bench press for strength training

Why is strength training so important?

Life is so much easier if you’re fit and strong, strength training guarantees that fitness. Strength Training is one of the most successful ways to burn fat and build muscle.

It makes you feel better by making you healthier and leaner, also helps you combat many types of diseases as well. Increased muscle strength results in greater sports performance and other physical activities. In addition to all of the these, strength training is fun!

Benefits of Strength Training

Increased muscle strength, can improve your overall body flexibility, Boosted metabolism (which means reduced body fat), firmer and better-defined muscles, improved ability to handle stress.

Improved balance and stability, health of a network of neck, shoulder, back, hip and abdominal muscles, Stronger muscles, tendons and ligaments, better body mechanics, better body mechanics.

Increases HDL – High Density Lipoprotein (good cholesterol) and decrease LDL – Low Density Lipoprotein (bad cholesterol), Reduces symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).

Decreases or minimizes risk of osteoporosis by building bone mass, reduces stress and anxiety, lowers risk of breast cancer – reduces high estrogen levels linked to the disease, decreases colds and illness.

Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, reduces symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), lower high blood pressure, Reduces risk of diabetes and insulin needs.

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