Virat Kohli Fitness and Diet Secrets that Everyone Should Know

virat kohli fitness tips

He invokes better value than Lionel Messi for brands investing on him. He is the only cricketer in Forbes’ latest list of 100 richest sportspersons. He is also the only Indian in that elite list released by Forbes. He has left the “KHANS” of Bollywood far behind as the first choice and highest paid brand icon in the country.

However, behind all these numbers and performances is the commitment of Bhagirathi – the mythological character, the legend who got Ganges on the earth.

The fitness regime may simply be measured by hours spent in training, by number of calories burnt or by a diet schedule. However, to be what Kohli has become is more about that mindset, the discipline, and uncompromising commitment.

Here are Virat Kohli’s 10 fitness and diet secrets that everyone should know

  1. Exercise daily, no matter what, take out some time to keep your body physically active. Kohli works out every day for at least two hours, five days a week.
  2. Eat more and more home cooked food with your heart’s content. You know that it doesn’t contain any preservative or fats that will hamper your fitness or health.
  3. Avoid junk food wherever possible; avoiding doesn’t mean completely stopping to eat your favourite foods, but just having to eat within a limit. The idea is to not make your body alien to junk foods, but to limit its intake.
  4. Replace all the foods with organic and healthier foods. So, if you are hungry, instead of picking up a burger, try a handful of nuts or a healthy sandwich.
  5. In case you are dieting, there must be a cheat day in a week or month. Cheat day doesn’t mean you eat so much that it negates whatever you have achieved so far. Take small quantities of whatever you crave for and enjoy it slowly.
  6. Go light at dinner time; take carbs from good sources. Gorge on some soups, salads, lightly sautéed vegetables.
  7. Do not resist yourself; eat and explore different delicacies. But you should know where to stop. It is not necessary to have a set diet plan, but it is necessary to know excess of everything is bad.
  8. Focus on building your stamina and body strength while exercising rather than losing weight.
  9. Try not to drink or smoke, as they reduce the body’s immunity. Did you know Virat Kohli does not drink or smoke?
  10. Exercising or dieting, it is important to be disciplined and follow the regime properly.
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