Want to transform your body: here are the 5 secrets

secrets behind body transformation

Truth is most body transformations that you see or read stories; don’t come very easy. If you’re planning to change your body and life, your mind needs to start changing right now. Here is the structure behind every successful body transformation.

  1. Set A Definitive Goal

This is a well-worn subject, and for good reason. The more specific you can make your goal, the better. “Next year, I will lose weight” is a shitty goal. “I will lose 10 KG by May 1″ is better. Just not easy.

  1. Find “Why”?

Once you have defined your goal. You need to find your ‘why’ behind it. It can be something as simple as want to fit into your skinny jeans or to win a Bodybuilding Competition. At times when your motivation takes a dip and the goal seems too far to reach, this ‘why’ will help you push ahead!

  1. Planning

Someone once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. The best plans won’t work if you aren’t prepared to execute. You need to have a dedicated customized plan for your diet, training, based on your strengths and weakness.

  1. Accountability

The power of accountability is extremely underrated in fitness. Accountability can come in many ways but it is best to hire a coach. In case you can’t hire a coach, you can always ask a friend of yours to help you. Set a weekly or bi-weekly goal and report to your buddy just like you’d to your coach.

  1. Deadline

Without a deadline, most human beings procrastinate. E.g. what will happen if you don’t have a deadline for a photo shoot date, physique competition or a wedding coming up?

A deadline keeps us moving. Ask yourself how many days/weeks/months you need to transform and prove yourself right.

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