Rujuta Diwekar: The Workout Women

rujuta diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar is a celebrity trainer and nutritionist, whose celebrity clients include the likes of Kareena Kapoor, Preity Zinta and Anil Ambani.

Already, her countless fans swear by her books, and Rujuta Diwekar has made a niche for herself, helping people understand and embrace the idea of fitness, exercise and dieting. This Mumbai-based celebrity nutritionist has authored award winning books that offer a succinct, clear-headed view of how to get a healthy body without falling prey to extreme and sometimes dangerous fads.

In her new book, “Don’t Lose Out, Workout!” (Westland), she once again approaches this subject, with a fresh, new perspective, and even more information, advice and suggestions. She talks about various myths and malpractices about exercise (includes chapters on strength training, cardio and yoga along with pre and post workout meals).

“Exercise is the ‘in’ thing, gyms are cropping up in every nook and corner, roads are occupied by recreational runners and yoga schools have an enviable waiting list. But along this has grown the number of injuries and disillusionment at not getting results,” says Diwekar.


“Indians don’t care about the science behind exercise, and only worry about exercise when they get fat. In fact, it should be a part of our lives. Active is the new guideline, and sitting is the new smoking.” says Rutuja Diwekar.


fitness tips from rutuja diwekar

Here are some fitness and nutrition tips shared by Rujuta Diwekar

  • Diets (suggested by inexperienced nutritionists) which are supposed to make people you healthier and fitter, can make you weaker and older.
  • You must know what exercise suits your body.
  • Drink water regularly throughout the day, as it keeps body metabolism going. Reducing water intake to lose weight can be detrimental to the body
  • More sweat doesn’t mean more calories burnt. Sweating is a cooling process that does not burn calories.
    Weight training is more important than doing random work-outs. It makes the body a better fat burning machine, and prevents lifestyle disorders like diabetes.
  • The following are common myths – walking is the best exercise, running on the treadmill weakens the knee, doing ‘cardio’ is best for the joints and the legs, ‘crunches’ for flat stomach, and gymming makes you bulkier.
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