Milind Soman’s 78 Years Old Mother Doing Plank Exercise Like A Boss

milind soman mom plank

50-year-old Milind Soman advanced into the rundown of the 5 Indians who cleared the Ironman Triathlon 2015 held in Zurich – the hardest marathon event on the planet. Milind Soman’s passion for fitness is both motivational and remarkable however relatively few individuals realize that it’s not simply Milind Soman who is a fitness freak in the family. You’ll be stunned to realize that his mother, even at 78 years old is fitter than the most of you! Usha Soman, Milind Soman’s mom who is most likely one of the fittest ladies of her age in the nation.

Milind Soman a posted video, his mother, can be seen performing the plank workout. She hold the same position for 1 minute 20 seconds at the age of 78. Which is very difficult for most of the people. Asked about timing “Not her personal best but good all the same” said Milind Soman.

A year ago, Usha Soman tested herself by taking an interest in the Mumbai Oxfam Trailwalker by Oxfam India and finished it like a boss. Around 70 groups participated and Usha Soman was one of the 191 individuals out of the 274 members who finished the Mumbai Oxfam Trailwalker in time.

She is the inpiration for all. Her wish is to go for bungee jumping and she loves travelling. 78 year old Usha Soman goes for morning walk every day and walk about 5 km daily. Her hobbies includes reading, cooking, watching, television, spending time on internet.

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