How 27 year old Dilip gain muscle and weight

How 27 year old Dilip gain muscle and weight

Dilip proves that hard work, perseverance, and being realistic make the perfect recipe for getting the body you want.

Dilip decided to transform body just because everyone in his locality used to make fun of his slim physique as he was under-weight. This made him to decide to show everyone that he is not going to live his life with this slim structure. So, he joined gym and dedicated himself totally for his fitness and now he is very happy with all his efforts and its result. he feels happy when others get inspired by his dedication and physique which he achieved after his hard work….

There are many keys to success his journey:

  • Pure dedication and discipline for being fit.
  • Strong mind-set that helps me to hit hard at gym on regular basis.
  • Gained and used proper technique and knowledge of the exercise.
  • Proper guidance from seniors.
  • Strict diet plan

Diet plan

Meal No. Description
Meal 1 Whey protein with Glutamine (First thing in the morning)
Meal 2 2 Whole eggs,
Soaked almonds and
2 bananas
Meal 3 Any Breakfast with Multivitamin and custard followed by fruit juice
Meal 4 2 cup rice or brown rice,
1 bowl Daal,
1 bowl salad,
followed by 100 gm chicken
Meal 5 Protein and Carb Shake equally divided with 2 banana
Meal 6 4 Chapattis with Ghee (clarified butter)
Medium fried veggie
Followed by 1 Glass full cream milk
Meal 7 Glutamine or casein protein before sleep

Training / Exercise

Day Exercise
Monday Back
Tuesday Chest
Wednesday Arms
Thursday Rest
Friday Legs
Saturday Shoulders
Sunday Rest

During first year, he felt it really difficult to put on mass as he was new and didn’t know the techniques and diet plan and also didn’t get right guidance.

During second year, he started taking guidance from internet and knowledgeable/experience people but still he was facing muscle gain problem just because of lack of proper diet plan.

But during third year, he started making workout plan and proper diet plan and followed it for six months properly. Now, some gains were visible and then in the last six months he got success in building the physique he dreamed of.

Dilip feel like he deserved to be what he is today since starting.

Nobody used to care about him but now people get inspired by his dedication as he did drug-free bodybuilding and pure natural. he feels awesome when people come to him for guidance. he feels proud and confident now. Also, he feels very energetic and deliver his 100% at Gym into exercise.

Suggestions for Aspiring Transformers:

  1. Step-in the gym with strong mind-set and dedication.
  2. Don’t work out to show off, do it for yourself.
  3. Give all what you have and for what you want to achieve.
  4. Never cheat with exercises routine and meals.
  5. Always be open to learn from others.
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