Healthy Food Recipes: A Party Guide

healthy food

Dieting should never stand in the way of a party. There can be a major stress about throwing a party and maintaining the healthy diet at the same time.

But the solution to this problem is to replace the unhealthy cocktail food with the hearty and healthy food recipes.


healthy food
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It’s one of the simplest and delicious recipes to try. Take a small size of Italian bread and spread over it a gorgeous mixture of tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil leaves. Drizzle ample of olive oil from top, and voila! You’ve got bruschetta.

This dish is more than an appetizer; it is truly a slice of good health.

Rarely do you find a snack whose every ingredient tastes great and nourishes you as well.


healthy food
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All you really need to make guacamole is ripe avocados and some salt. But you can spruce it up by adding some chopped cilantro, chilies, onion, and tomato.

Squeeze some lime from top, and you are done. An avocado is the star ingredient in guacamole, but the other ingredients add to the nutritional quotient as well.

Rich in fiber, potassium and other essential nutrients, guacamole can help keep you healthy and prevent certain illnesses when included in a healthy diet.

Vegetables and dip

healthy food
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The best way to eat right at a party is to swap your chips and nachos with a healthy substitute like crispy and juicy vegetables. Even the side dips can be healthy.

For example, instead of using mayo, ranch or some unhealthy spicy sauce, opt for Greek yogurt.

Mixed nuts

healthy food
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Mixed nuts are common snacks for a party or a bar, but unlike many other salty foods, mixed nuts can be quite healthy.

Nuts are high in vitamin E, which works wonders for circulation, skin, and even reduce the PMS symptoms.

Indulging in a few small scoops of plain nuts can give you a nice dose of vitamins, fiber, and protein to keep you full.

Fruit and cheese

healthy foodThe last healthy food recipe consists is a fruit and cheese platter.

Fruits have been recognized as a good source of vitamins and minerals, and for their role in preventing vitamin C and vitamin A deficiencies.

Where else, cheese has a good amount of protein and calcium. The presentation of the ingredients is very simple.

Take a rectangle or a circular tray and place different kinds of fruits on it leaving the center. In the center place various kinds of cheese like Cheddar, Swiss, and other hard cheeses pack over 100 calories per ounce.


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