Government of Maharashtra Bans The Sale of Junk Food in School Canteens

junk food banned

Students in schools of Maharashtra will not be able to enjoy vada pav or cheesy burgers anymore. The Maharashtra government on Monday imposed a ban over selling and serving foods high in fats, sugar and salt in school canteens.

A Government Resolution (GR) listed 12 categories of foods which cover potato chips, noodles, carbonated soft drinks, pizza, burger, cakes, biscuits, buns, pastries, pani puri, locally prepared ice gola, etc. which can not be sold.

healthy food kids

Schools will have to create awareness about healthy food stuffs that can be consumed by the children and their benefits. Schools have been asked to add items such as whole grain, home-made rotis, parathas, rice, dal, chickpeas, kidney beans, milk, wheat upma, khichdi, idli and vada sambar, coconut water, lemonade and sugar-free dairy products etc.

Urging kids to eat a nutritious, adjusted balanced diet from early on is important for various reasons. Ensuring they get the correct vitamins and minerals in their eating routine will help them develop and grow ideally. They are likewise more penergised and inspired, supporting their capacity to learn.

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