Fitness tips from Jacqueline Fernandez

jacqueline fernandez fitness

Jacqueline Fernandez was born on August 11th, 1985, a Sri Lankan actress and winner of 2006 Miss Universe Sri Lankan pageant. She has finished her graduation in Mass Communication from University of Sydney and worked as a television reporter in Sri Lanka. Now, she is the leading Bollywood actress and the part of many blockbusters. Her fitness mantra is “eating right, sleeping right and exercising regularly”

Jacqueline Fernandez fitness secrets

Jacqueline Fernandez, the Sri Lankan beauty is known for its beautiful leggy, sizzling & sexy figure, gorgeous looks, and stunning beauty, all are the outcome of rigorous workout fitness regime and diet plan. The Bollywood diva is very impressed with the workout of Deepika Padukone and Shilpa Shetty. Jacqueline’s sizzling figure is the outcome of hard work and disciplined life. The fitness freak Sri Lankan queen and Bollywood diva has managed to keep her sizzling figure, fit & slim body with diet and exercises. Before entering into Bollywood, she was not so enthusiastic regarding fitness workout but become more conscious for her fitness, weight and nutrition after joining movies. Her fitness mantra is neither extreme diet nor extreme workouts but to follow the middle path.


  • Aim to have fflexibility, stamina and strength. Cardio builds up stamina. It could be running, dancing or swimming.
  • Weights are essential for muscle toning, not losing weight.
  • To achieve flexibility, stretching and yoga are the best options.
  • Drink lots of water. I carry a bottle all the time.
  • Consume at least two cups of green tea/herbal tea daily.
  • Skipping carbs is not a healthy approach.
  • Health foods also have calories. Have small portions.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard. You will injure yourself.
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