Fat Burning Exercises

fat burning exercises

Do you want to know a shortcut to fat-burning exercises that actually works? For these free fats burning exercise ideas, you don’t even need a gym membership or even any equipment, for that matter. The best fat burning exercises are always going to be one of those that consist of movement of multiple large muscle groups of the body.

fat burning

It’s no big secret that every workout begins with warm up and cardio exercises, later on moving to weight lifting workouts because it’s essential. Here are five fat-burning exercises for you to try. If you try some of these cardio workouts, you won’t spend all day running on the treadmill. These are pretty intense, but interesting, fast-paced, and fun at the same time, so start with one per week. While try-out you’re supposed rest as little as possible. Break just long enough to control your heart rate and breathing, and then move on to the next set!

Your Whole Week Program Will Look Like This:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Cardio Exercises Weightlifting Exercises Cardio Exercises Rest Day Weightlifting Exercises Cardio Exercises Rest Day

Cardio Exercises: One Set includes 5 fat-burning exercises, perform 2 mins of each to lose weight & to strengthen/tone your muscles.

fat burning cardioBurpees – A burpee is the world’s most hated cardio/fat-burning exercise, and yet one of the most effective muscle-building exercise at the same time. This cardio move tones your core, upper body and legs all at once. They’re versatile, dynamic and also good for endurance.

Jumping Squats – Jumping squats is the most challenging fat-burning exercise you’ll ever find. It helps you achieve great thighs and legs, also builds muscles and Maintain Mobility and Balance.

Push Ups – Push ups are a total body exercise and equally challenging as well. If a regular push up feels too easy for you, try the Single Leg Push Up for a change.

Planks – Performing a plank will make anyone’s abs tremble after a while. While this most specifically targets the outer thighs, deltoids, and obliques, it requires the strength and coordination of the entire body.

Jumping Lunges – Lunges are a fantastic thigh toning exercise, this move is sure to get your heart racing in no time. Don’t forget to switch feet while jumping.

Weightlifting Exercises: One Set includes 5 fat-burning exercises, perform 2-3 mins of each to lose weight & to strengthen/tone your muscles.

fat burning weight liftingDeadlift – Deadlifts are usually to strengthen and tone your Back, the main muscle worked here are the hamstrings. Also known as Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts.

Dumbbell Bench Press – Lie down on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand, that’s Dumbbell Bench Press. They are usually to strengthen and tone your Chest, workouts to lose chest fat focuses on the upper chest of the body.

Dumbbell Curls – If you want big biceps and arms, do curls with dumbbells. If you want bigger biceps and arms, do different kinds of curls.

Dumbbell Kickbacks – Start with a dumbbell in each hand and your palms facing your torso. Now, while keeping your upper arms steady, use your triceps to lift the weights. These types of exercises are called Dumbbell Kickbacks and they help strengthen tone your triceps.

Machine Hack Squats – Lie face up on a Hack Squat Machine with your shoulders against the pads and try standing upright. Place your hands on the hand grips, and perform normal squats. These types of exercises give us toned thighs.

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