From being overweight to having the six packs

six packs

“Ashut always aspired to be fit and healthy. When he finally decided to do something about it he let his passion overcome all the obstacles he came across and changed drastically”

Ashut always wished for a perfect and fit physique. He used to be quite fat and a bit bulky too and he didn’t feel confident and comfortable around people with good physique. So he decided to transform himself into someone that people will love and get attracted to.

Age Weight Body Fat
21 93 18%
22 74 12%

To put it simply, he did it through hard work and consistency. After deciding his goals of a perfect physique he began his workout and with the guidance of his well experienced trainers and nutritionist he ended up accomplishing his desired physique. Taking the proper diet was the toughest part but was worth it. he feel diet is more significant aspect of body building.


Day 1 & Day 3 Circuit Training – Upper Body
Day 2 & Day 4 Circuit Training – Lower Body
Day 5 Cardio
Day 6 & Day 7 Rest

Diet Plan

Meal No Description
Meal 1 1 scoop protein with 3 egg whites & pre-workout
Meal 2 1 scoop protein with 1 banana
Meal 3 Boiled chicken with dahi & 2 egg whites
Meal 4 Brown rice with vegetables & chicken breast
Meal 5 Dry fruits & orange/apple
Meal 6 1 scoop protein
Meal 7 Daal with 5 egg whites & cucumber/tomato

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Suggestion for Future Transformers

Just stay focused on the goals and the type of physique you want to achieve. Don’t get distracted by anything around you. Take a proper diet and supplements suggested by only your nutritionist. Work hard and don’t miss the gym.

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