How 33 year old Jyoti Ganju lost 30 Kgs

here is how 33 year old jyoti ganju lost 30 kg

Jyoti comes from a long line of obese moms. She was part of the club until fitness and healthy living open her eyes. See what she looks like 30 Kgs lighter!

Transformation period: 90 kgs to 61 kgs in a year

Before After
Age 33 34
Weight 90 KG 61 KG

Jyoti gained a lot of weight after her baby was born. Everybody around said that it happens to women after becoming a mother and it’s difficult to get the original figure back.

That was when she decided that had to make a difference. she said to herself that “I can win upon the situation. Not only did I get my body back, but I am feeling healthy and fit”.

She wanted to inspire other moms and show that having kids didn’t mean your own fitness goals disappear.

“ Healthy eating, regular exercise, self-control and discipline is what it takes. Dieting requires the most change and discipline ”

Jyoti reduced sweets and junk food intake and went to gym at least 4-5 times a week.

Diet plan

Meal No. Description
Meal 1 4 egg whites, 1/2 cup Oatmeal’s, Honey
Meal 2 Spinach salad with a splash of vinegar, Salmon 4 oz.
Meal 3 100g Natural Yogurt, 1 small handful mixed Berries, 4 Wheat Biscuits, 2 tbsp. natural Peanut Butter OR handful roasted Mixed Nuts

OR on weight days

1 cup of Rice/Pasta with homemade Tomatoes, Onion, Chili, Garlic
4 Wheat Biscuits, 2 tbsp. natural Peanut Butter

Meal 4 3 Eggs and an Orange OR
Combination of Almonds and Walnut OR
Black Chickpea’s (Black Chana) sprout OR
1 bowl chopped cabbage OR
4 Slices of Brown bread with peanut butter
Meal 5 2 Phulka/Roti (without oil & ghee) , ½ Cup Vegetables curry, 1 Cup Dal, 1 Bowl Salad.
Meal 6 Oats with Skimmed milk
3 Egg whites and any fruit juice


  • She did a mix of cardio and weight training on 4 days a week.
  • One day would be Light activity like yoga, walk, light jog.
  • Took 2 days’ rest in a week

She thinks the most challenging aspect was dieting. She loved being in the gym, but changing her eating habits was difficult (as has been observed in most other transformation stories).

Her suggestions for aspiring transformers

” the key to success is to keep on trying, as it eventually ensures you get to the finish line. Seriously, you can do anything that you put your mind in to! ”

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